Our Services

Have a novel idea? In need of top-tier dev talent? We craft tailored IT solutions and offer elite dev resources. Discover how we turn your vision into a digital win!
Whether used together, or separately, these services are adaptable to a product launch, an MVP, a new feature, or re-branding.
  • Product Discovery
    Our Product Discovery service uncovers critical features, user requirements, and market prospects for your product. Leveraging in-depth research and analysis, we come up with an MVP and refine your product's roadmap and strategic direction.
  • Deep Dive
    Our Deep Dive service entails an immersive exploration of a precise topic or project, diving deep into intricacies to furnish holistic insights that drive informed decision-making and strategy. The MVP is further detailed and refined during Deep Dive.
  • UX/UI Design
    Our UX/UI Design service is a comprehensive process that ensures your product is intuitive, user-friendly, and visually stunning. We create a design system and style guide and deliver a clickable prototype for your product.
  • Startup Help
    Our Startup Help service offers vital guidance and support to emerging businesses, assisting them in navigating the initial phases of development, from concept to launch, including the creation and refinement of an MVP.
Envisioning a mobile app, a web presence, well-managed DevOps, or rigorous quality assurance? Our team is ready to turn ideas into reality.
  • Mobile App Development
    We're all about creating mobile apps that not only look amazing but are a joy to use. From crafting beautiful interfaces to making sure everything works like a charm, we've got your back. Whether you're an iOS aficionado or an Android enthusiast, we'll cater to your needs. Expect creativity, speed, and top-notch security all rolled into one. Let's work together and turn your dreams into mobile reality. Your app adventure begins here!
    • #React Native #Kotlin #Swift #Firebase
  • Web Development
    Web Development is like the magic behind your favorite websites. We're the friendly folks who make sure your online space is both beautiful and super functional. Our team loves crafting websites that are as unique as you are. From creating cool designs to making everything work smoothly, we've got you covered. Need a website for your passion project, small business, or personal blog? Let's chat! Web Development is all about bringing your online dreams to life, and we're here to make it fun and easy.
    • #React #Ruby on Rails #Django #Laravel #NodeJS
  • SRE
    Our SRE team seamlessly integrates the key elements of Security, Automation, Monitoring, and Scalability within the DevOps framework. Prioritizing your system and data security, we employ robust measures to safeguard your assets. Our automation and monitoring processes ensure smooth operations, eliminating errors and providing real-time performance insights. With our scalability solutions, you can effortlessly meet the growing demands of your system. With our service, expect the seamless fusion of these principles, enhancing your business's reliability, resilience, and agility.
    • #Gcloud #AWS #Azure #Docker #Kubernetes #Terraform #Vercel
  • Quality Assurance
    At its core, Quality Assurance is a meticulous process dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We precisely plan, strategize, and employ a variety of testing methods, including API testing, usability testing, automation testing, and manual testing. We uphold the highest standards, continuously fine-tuning our operations to eliminate flaws before delivery.
    • #Selenium IDE #Appium #Cypress #Postman
You don't have a team? We can build it! Explore the freedom of choice when it comes to talent with our dynamic Crew services.
  • Staff Augmentation
    Our Staff Augmentation service provides you with the flexibility to scale your team and maintain control. Add specialized skills, choosing from our wide range of elite dev talent, to build your dream team.
  • Dedicated Team Development
    Here, you hire a self-organizing team of developers, enhancing efficiency through their existing synergy. However, expect less direct control compared to Staff Augmentation.

There is no such thing as β€œone-size fits all” when it comes to project management.

When building tailored solutions, for startups or established companies alike, uniqueness is usually the most important part. We offer different interaction models to match your needs.
  • Clearly defined scope, deliverables, and project objectives
  • Fixed cost paid out in installments at every milestone delivered
  • Add talent with a specific skill-set to your next project
  • Choose from our diverse and experienced pool of talent
  • Individual & Dedicated Team rates are available depending on your needs
  • Nature of the project calls for a constantly changing scope
  • Hourly rates based on time worked & material used
Time & Material

Tell us what you want and together we’ll plan the road to what you need.