SSR Developer

  • Ssr Engineering


At Plum, you will find a team with expertise in different technologies.

We're looking for engineers with experience in Ruby on Rails, React Native, React, PHP, Node or Python experience. We're open to full-stack engineers, front-end or back-end engineering depending on what is more your vibe.

We are mindful of the clients we work with to provide a healthy and fun environment. We’re looking for engineers that enjoy working with cross-functional teams to build great technology and help businesses to grow.


The kind of people we like to work with:
  • Are highly curious.
  • They believe in continuous improvement.
  • Are sometimes pragmatists and sometimes clean coders.
  • Are honest.

What you bring:
  • Proven 2+ years of experience as a developer. Bonus points for having worked in distributed or remote teams.
  • Highly proficient with web/mobile frameworks.
  • Bonus points for having worked in start-up environments.
  • Joy for collaborating with teams (internal and external).


We are a remote-friendly environment - we believe that happy and healthy employees produce better business outcomes. We have an office in Rio Cuarto and we have put in a lot of effort to make sure our office is an enjoyable place.

We encourage continuous learning. Part of that is the Plum Library: expense any book and share it with the team when you're done.

We value your health and will give you U$D150 to spend on something health and “fitness-y” each year, whether that's towards therapy, yoga classes, or new trainers.

We offer a competitive salary