Ssr Administrative

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This is a fresh role for the company, so will be a lot to do, the right person for this job will be someone highly empathic and with a strong personality to improve our current processes. Also, this person will figure out our weaknesses and help us turn them into something good.

The main goal is to prepare the company to support the 5X growth.

This role involves working with the COO, CFO, CTO, Office Manager, Accounting area, and RRHH area and:
  • Elaborate reports to help the CFO
  • Help to make financial decisions
  • Review investments
  • Flow the information with our financial consultant agency
  • Flow the information with our lawyer
  • Administrate the daily money flow
  • In charge of the administration of the offices
  • Elaborate the payslips
  • Health check with banks
  • Solve daily issues
  • Keep the communication with the RRHH consultant agency


The kind of people we like to work with:
  • Are highly curious.
  • They believe in continuous improvement.
  • Are honest.

What you bring:
  • A degree on: Accounting, Business Administration or Economics.
  • English to communicate with clients (contract elaboration, payments and more).
  • Highly empathic.
  • Good communication.
  • Technologies: video calls, emails.
  • Bonus points for having worked in start-up environments.
  • 2-3 Years of experience.


We are a remote-friendly environment - we believe that happy and healthy employees produce better business outcomes. We have an office in Rio Cuarto and we have put in a lot of effort to make sure our office is an enjoyable place.

We encourage continuous learning. Part of that is the Plum Library: expense any book and share it with the team when you're done.

We value your health and will give you U$D150 to spend on something health and โ€œfitness-yโ€ each year, whether that's towards therapy, yoga classes, or new trainers.

We offer a competitive salary

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